Why choose us as your preferred mobile aggregator?

We help ease your entry into the MVNO market by providing all-in-one solutions at a competitive price. Leveraging on our experience, we are able to reduce the time-to-market of your project, allowing your brand to hit the ground running. Post-launch,
our in-place infrastructure ensures that your customers enjoy excellent service on all fronts.

Enrich Your Growth Potential

Our expertise and knowledge transfer processes give you the competitive edge you need to grow

Make Your Customers Feel Good

Reward your customers with traffic-based reward programmes, cashback and gift redemptions

Well Established Distribution Points

Our common reload currency means customers enjoy ease of use, with reloads always just around the corner

Why expand into
mobile telecommunications?

Running an MVNO is about more than just diversifying your core business portfolio. MVNOs help add value to your business, giving you an edge in today’s competitive market. Here are just a few of the advantages of venturing into mobile telecommunications.

Corporate Branding

Diversify your existing portfolio and make inroads into the telecommunications industry. Strengthen your corporate values and increase equity

Revenue Growth Potential

Discover new revenue streams in one of the fastest growing tech sectors. Consolidate and optimise your business functions and cost

Innovative Marketing

Communicate your core business values to customers via mobile connectivity. Capture a larger market share and create value with cross-sell and up-sell strategies